Become BiiDE2019 Judge

We would like to invite a vast experience candidate to become a jury for BiiDE2019. The details are as follows:


  1. One who has a wide experience in innovation competitions
  2. One who has won a minimum of 3 awards in any innovation competitions
  3. One who does not participate in BiiDE2019 as a participant (advisor/leader/member)

​How to Apply

  1. Check the availability of the projects that suit your expertise
  2. Fill in the jury application form below/as per link
  3. The deadline for the application is by 14 October 2019

Upon the selection process, an official appointment letter and further information will be emailed to the juries. Only successful candidates will be notified via email a week after the deadline (please check the spam folder too).


  • Appointment letter
  • Certificate of appreciation
  • Token of appreciation
  • Lunch buffet

If you are selected as a jury and wish to withdraw from BiiDE2019 due to unfortunate circumstances, kindly inform us immediately to arrange a replacement.

Conflict of Interest
No jurors, nor any member of their immediate family, friends, colleagues and students where a juror has a current relationship to a submission may participate in this competition. They must declare their relationship and not judge the work submitted. Failure to conform to this regulation would cause the juror of not getting the benefits extended by the organizer, disqualification of the entry and/ or forfeiture of the prize.


BiiDE2019 (Jury Form)


If you are interested to be a part of our judging team, click the button below/fill in the form below:


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